"Lemme say it again – there’s a job going for a professional pizza taster – someone who tastes pizza and gets paid for it." 

- UniLad


  • International, national & local press coverage
  • c.5.3 million+ reach from global social brands
  • 200+ high profile backlinks (including 80+ domain authority scores)
  • 360° story (2nd & 3rd wave with shift to local focus) 
  • 4,693 applicants

Video Content

Press Coverage


"There's a job going for a professional pizza taster"


"Lemme say it again – there’s a job going for a professional pizza taster – someone who tastes pizza and gets paid for it."


"Everything will be ok because you can now get paid to eat pizza."


"Forget your dreams of being famous, you can now be a professional pizza taster instead."

Local focus


"Now you can get paid for eating pizza in Bath."


"This company is looking to PAY you to eat every single pizza on their menu."


"A restaurant wants to hire a pizza taster and it sounds incredible."

Social Reach

Grabbing the headlines around the world...

State side


As well as driving significant online video content, national news broadcasters including NBC ran the story live on television. 

Outside of the UK, America, Italy, and New Zealand were the highest engaging nations to share the story, significantly contibuting to the 4,693 applicaitons.

Watch NBC's live coverage →

BBC Radio

Bath Pizza Co mixing it with Blue Planet and Brexit talk (episode not currently available)


Going full circle

Interviewing Bath Chronicle reporter, Harriet for the role


Driving the momentum

After a lot of media requests we decided to invite HuffPost to cover Mike's first day on the job. 

Working with the HuffPost team we shot a short film introducing Mike and his role. 

A big win here for Bath Pizza Co was ensuring that we had the brand front and centre throughout.



Introducing Mike to Bath Chronicle

Bath Chronicle video exclusive as we welcomed Mike to the Bath Pizza Co team.



Professional pizza taster: blog

Keep up to speed with the professional pizza taster role on the Bath Pizza Co website as Mike curates the menu.

Follow the story here →

Stretching the story

The BBC feature prompted a huge online discussion about the pizza world.

One piece of feedback opened a debate about acceptable pizza toppings - particularly the controversy surrounding pineapple.

With the BBC we created a dough ball roulette concept for the Bath Pizza Co menu which has currently reached 12,000 views to date.

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