20th Century Fox


Content strategy lead supporting the launch of Night at the Museum 3. The strategy focussed on revealing behind the scenes stories and myth busting content to drive engagement and achieve the commercial targets set.

  • Content marketing strategy

  • Content design & production

  • Video commissioning

  • $360 million worldwide box office

  • $27 million domestic video sales

  • Over 10,000 App downloads



Content Marketing

Designing and producing a series of content to support box office, DVDs sales and App downloads.


Fact vs Fiction

Revealing some secrets about the objects and galleries that you’ll see in the film...


Behind the scenes

What really happens in the Museum at night


Overnight at the Museum

5 tips for spending a real night at the Museum!

Video content

Working with the Broadcast team we produced a 3 part series to support the content marketing strategy in line with the staged release of cinema tickets, App launch and retail sales arm.


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